Don't be Blockhead

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    Name changed so nobody gives me crap for complaining about a player.

    ** Blockhead joined the game **
    Blockhead: ;-;
    ezeiger92: Hello
    Blockhead: hi
    ezeiger92: why the long face lol
    Blockhead: i just remembered i lost all my stuff
    ezeiger92: D:
    Blockhead: in mining
    Blockhead: but idk how to get to the coords
    Kaleidescoper: same :( I fell into lavaaaa
    Kaleidescoper: with all my newly enchanted diamond items
    ezeiger92: Death coords are sent to your mail: /mail read
    Blockhead: unlucky
    Blockhead: yeah i got em
    Blockhead: idk how to get there
    Blockhead: ;-;
    ezeiger92: lol
    ezeiger92: ./warp mining, pull up coordinates (F3)
    Blockhead: yh but
    Blockhead: my comp doesn't let me
    ezeiger92: do you have a function (or FN) key?
    Blockhead: no
    Blockhead: ;-;
    ezeiger92: D:
    Kaleidescoper: are you on mac?
    Blockhead: nah
    Blockhead: pc
    Kaleidescoper: ah
    Blockhead: ;-;
    Blockhead: can't someone go get my stuff?
    ezeiger92: I'm sure this will bite me in the ass later, /compass <x> <z>
    Blockhead: it didn't do anything
    ezeiger92: You need a compass in your hand and to be in the right world (Mining, in your case)
    ezeiger92: It will point the compass at that coordinate, then you just follow the compass
    Blockhead: ok
    Blockhead: its not really showing me one
    ezeiger92: what
    ezeiger92: Get a compass
    Blockhead: i don't have one
    ezeiger92: I am at spawn with a compass
    Blockhead: thanks
    ** Blockhead was blown up by Creeper **
    Blockhead: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Blockhead: i died again
    ezeiger92: D:
    Blockhead: fudge
    Blockhead: god dammit
    Blockhead: im so imcompetent
    Blockhead: ;-;
    Blockhead: now how am i supposed to get my stuff
    Blockhead: ill just stay in a hole
    Blockhead: forever
    Blockhead: o
    Blockhead: how wonderful
    Blockhead: i spawned in a tree
    Blockhead: NOW I CAN'T GET DOWN
    Blockhead: im leaving.
    Blockhead: not coming back
    ** Blockhead left the game **
    I told them how to get their death coords. I told them how to view coords in game. I made a command to point your compass at set coords. I gave them a compass.
    "Oh no, I died again. You aren't paying me enough attention, I quit"

    It's not the job of staff to hold your hand and make the big scary meany Minecraft monsters to go away. Why do children think they are entitled to get back to their items and warp back to the spot they died with zero effort? It's lunacy. "Let's have a survival game where you don't have to survive and everything will work out fine". It's absolutely pathetic, it happens daily, and it's driving my up the damn wall.
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