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    ** Insane_Things joined the game **
    ezeiger92: Welcome ^^
    Insane_Things: ello
    Maedrahum: hiya
    ezeiger92: How are you doing today?
    Insane_Things: not bad looking for a server
    Insane_Things: this one looks nice
    ezeiger92: I can confirm that this is a server :D
    Insane_Things: tis
    ezeiger92: My slightly biased opinion is that it's a good one
    ezeiger92: lol
    Maedrahum: i'll be back later
    ezeiger92: kk
    ** Maedrahum left the game **
    ** Insane_Things completed the tutorial **
    ezeiger92: congrats ^^
    Insane_Things: yaya
    ** Insane_Things left the game **
    ezeiger92: You can /warp to north or south to find a spot to build, or start off in
        /why do i even try to get no resources for all the not playing you aren't doing
        because you left as I was typing this message and made me sad why am I still
        typing :(
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    It's a hard cold life for you... it's a hard cold life for you...
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    ‘Stead of players... you get ditched.
    ‘Stead of thank yous... you get bitched (at)
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    ** _lucky4you_ joined the game **
    Maedrahum: you sure your bread is acting up?
    Kaleidescoper: why is my head still showing my past skin
    ezeiger92: Welcome lucky :)
    _lucky4you_: Thanks
    ezeiger92: How's your day going?
    musicislove: thx erik
    _lucky4you_: Pretty good. How about you?
    ezeiger92: I was super tired, then I got really goofy, now I'm just fine :)
    ezeiger92: And in like an hour I'll be dead tired and go pass out for the night
    _lucky4you_: lol
    ezeiger92: Also known as "I ate too much ice cream" lol
    Maedrahum: ice cream sounds good
    Maedrahum: ...gonna see if I have ice cream sandwichs still
    ezeiger92: Breaking news: Cowboy dies in a wild west shoot-out
    L0RALIN: lol
    ezeiger92: or sword-out
    ezeiger92: doesn't have the same ring to it
    maincoursemeal: lol it was a shoot out
    ezeiger92: xD
    Kaleidescoper: man tempted him
    FlyingCowboy19: Another victim fell to the streets
    musicislove: oh to answer your question, which I missed, I was in at the moutains in mining less than 10 mins ago and it said "Your Bread, show is out of stock!"
    musicislove: I think and hope I fixed it redoing the sign
    ezeiger92: That sign is the exact same as it was.... LOL
    ezeiger92: No clue why it would do that
    Maedrahum: huzzah! the fun has been found int he freezer
    Maedrahum: the*
    ezeiger92: One day we'll get a new shop plugin
    musicislove: well yea, but this time I did ? to fill in the bread part
    Kaleidescoper: yayy yes we need one D:
    ezeiger92: It's gonna mean me making one lol
    Maedrahum: rawr
    ** _lucky4you_ left the game **
    ezeiger92: Oh got distracted. Lucky! If you do /tutorial well that timing omg
    musicislove: lol and my computed just spazed out from hitting the shift key in front of you mae
    Maedrahum: lol
    musicislove: creeper head nice
    ezeiger92: Another post for that thread jesus
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