Loot Crates or: How I learned to start voting and love the goods

Discussion in 'Server Media' started by Mietm, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. Mietm

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    We hit a voting milestone recently, and when I logged in I received a "Loot crate has been spawned!" message! Somewhere in mining, there was a loot crate within 128 blocks of the mining spawn*.

    one /warp mining later and a bit of searching revealed a little chest floating above a lake of lava.

    Inside was loot! Huzzah!

    *"wtf is mining spawn?! wtf is a loot crate?!" you might ask? Well, if you read this post, you will be updated that the mining world now has a fixed spawn point, and that little chests of treasure will appear every 150 votes.
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  2. ezeiger92

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    Dr Strangelava
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  3. waterpower1

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    Would it be possible to put in things that aren't easily obtainable? Custom heads (perhaps from https://minecraft-heads.com/custom/heads/food-drinks) would be interesting. So would the standard pointless admin items or named/enchanted blocks.
    It's just that I personally (and many others I'd imagine) wouldn't go out looking for that chest
  4. ezeiger92

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    "I, a player who has been offline for a month, prefer that loot chest have pointless items. I represent many."
  5. cziuwatis

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    I kinda agree on the random pointless head items. Gives more worth to the lootcrate than just almost being a random dungeon chest. + Yay free decorations :D