Claim land (not clickbait)

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    Aye so, I have recently figured out that you can, in fact, claim land!

    To do so, all you need money and either a diamond or emerald block.
    First, you must place your chosen block in the area you would like to claim, enter the command /lock and left click the diamond or emerald block, and you will then claim a small area near that block.
    The Emerald block will claim a 9 x 9 x 9 area around itself.
    The Diamond block will claim a 15 x 15 x 15 area around itself.

    This will only keep your land safe, not your chests.

    Do not use this to claim other peoples land or to troll.

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    Also towns...
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    You know this is explained in the museum for everyone to see, right?

    Secondarily, yes, towns are a better way to go for multiple reasons. These blocks count toward your lock count, so if you have a lot of locked chests and then start locking these blocks to "protect" your area, the costs will keep going higher. Imagine 2000 rupees just to protect a 15x15x15 area! That's 40 days of town upkeep for a town plot (which goes from bedrock to build limit and is 24x24 - significantly bigger).

    So yes! You are correct! You can protect a tiny little plot of land with locked blocks! But there are definitely more efficient ways to protect more space.