Demolition Request 2018

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    Which map? (peaceful or pvp)
    peaceful, south

    What are the coordinates? (use /getpos)
    1631.7481, 63.0000, 6861.3000

    Does HawkEye show any data?
    (Guessing that HawkEye is Prism?) Yes there is, just a bit ago. About 84 days ago, placed a workbench, on Page 4, Page 5 is no longer available.

    Do you see any locked chests or furnaces?
    Ah nope theres none!

    If so, who do they belong to?

    What does /seen [playername] show?
    Last seen on January 24, 2018 at 4:28 PM

    Any other information that you can provide?
    This user InvalidPassword grieffed by house, and built an building where I was gonna build / it's blocking the shoreline, and it's in the way of my walkway. And I just noticed his house is built from the materials from my house which he took when he griefed it.

    It also has a basement.

    Please include a picture if you can!
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