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    What time zone do live in?

    Select your age range:
    14 & Under: 14 in August

    What staff experience do you have with online (or real life) communities?
    No staff experience... Shadecrest is my only survival server

    When did you join, and how long have you been around? (Use /ontime in game)
    August 21, 2013: 25 days 16 hours

    What times are you most active on ShadeCrest?
    Weeknights and weekends

    Have you been banned from ShadeCrest for more than 1 day? If so, explain.

    How often are you on Discord and Skype?
    As a staff, how will you help our community?
    I believe that I can help the community by helping people out whenever they are needed and making them feel welcome... I feel that bans should not always be the answer I think that I would give a warning and if the problem reoccurs than it could be resolved with a ban/suspension. I feel that even though I am young I don't like to show my age. just because I'm young people think automatically that you are not mature enough. I feel that I am mature enough... Even If I can I could get taught all the commands, how to fix bugs. I am a very fast learner...

    Thank you
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