Spontaneous Update Thread #2

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    I updated a plugin.
    That might not sound "update thread" worthy, but observe:

    New Items

    Lucky Rabbit's Foot

    Uncanny luck in near-death scenarios. If 3 or fewer extra hearts would have saved you from damage, the Lucky Rabbit's Foot is consumed and you are left with a half heart.​

    Arrow of Exploration
    An ender pearl AND an arrow! Teleport with greater precision, distance, and speed using an Arrow of Exploration.​

    Totem of Resurrection
    And to the Reaper, we say: "Not today!" The Totem of Resurrection will operate in any inventory slot and prevent death from even the most fatal blows. Except the void.​

    New Recipes

    New Mechanics

    Leather armor

    Leather armor increases the invulnerability timer after being hit.
    Chainmail armor
    The "swing penalty" is greatly reduced for all attacks that miss their target.
    Gold armor
    Gold armor will not be damaged by weak attacks. Additionally, if an attack would kill the wearer, gold armor will take damage to restore hearts. The current rate is 20 durability to a half heart.​

    Gold Pickaxe
    It has returned! The Gold Pickaxe will mine a 3x3 section of stone, diorite, granite, or andesite.​

    Gold Shovel
    Excavates a 3x3 area of blocks matching the one you hit. It determines matching materials by drops, so without silk touch, dirt/grass/mycelium are identical and will be excavated together.​

    Gold Axe
    Chops up to 9 logs vertically. It only looks up, so chop at the base of the tree or you'll leave a stump.​

    Gold Sword
    Takes no damage when attacking unless it kills a mob.​

    Whoops, nearly posted this without mentioning the new server icon and tagline.

    New Server Icon
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    Woo! This seems cool :D
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    For those confused, the recipes are:
    8 gold ingots + rabbit's foot = lucky rabbit's foot
    4 ender pearls + spectral arrow = arrow of exploration
    1 totem of undying + dragon egg = totem of resurrection (shapeless)

    5 leather + 2 shulker shells + nether star = elytra
    8 gold blocks + emerald = totem of undying
    8 golden apples + nether star = enchanted ("notch") golden apple
    4 end crystals + 3 obsidian + dragon head + elytra = dragon egg

    3 emeralds + iron horse armor = 4 iron ingots (shapeless)
    3 emeralds + gold horse armor = 4 gold ingots (shapeless)
    3 emeralds + diamond horse armor = 4 diamond (shapeless)

    5 iron nuggets = chainmail helmet
    8 iron nuggets = chainmail chestplate
    7 iron nuggets = chainmail leggings
    4 iron nuggets = chainmail boots
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