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    Hey there guys! As you know, Minecraft 1.13 (Update Aquatic) has been out for a week now, but it's still not on survival! It's the least I can do to make an update post about our progress and expected release.

    So slow!
    Previous updates have had minor changes to underlying Minecraft code, making Bukkit updates very fast and breaking very few plugins. The changes in 1.13 are absolutely massive, and required large-scale API replacements. As such, the SpigotMC team released the first Bukkit build only 3 days ago. In addition, the API is still missing features and contains bugs, meaning that while running Bukkit 1.13 may be stable, plugins may not work as expected. The brand new API also means many old plugins need an update. The more a plugin relies on blocks and materials, the more work it needs to update.

    I can think of a few plugins that are required for the server and use blocks/materials extensively: ChestShop, LWC, and (oh god) Prism. I've been updating these three (Prism in particular) for over a week, and have finally reached a point where they are reasonably stable. Yay! That only leaves 67 plugins remaining to test and/or update. It sounds bad, but it will be less work than the big three. Hell, it will be less work than Prism alone. Many of these plugins don't use blocks/materials, and the ones that do are actively being developed and are, for the most part, not required for the server at launch. I'm looking at you mcMMO.

    Lemme play!
    We've relaunched the vanilla server on 1.13 as soon as it was released, and made a thread about it here! If you are interested, please give it a read.

    Minecraft 1.13.1
    Excuse me? Well, that's going to confuse things slightly. We're currently aiming for Friday, August 3rd. If it looks like Minecraft 1.13.1 will be released within a week (August 10th), we'll wait for that version instead. If it's released earlier than August 3rd we'll obviously just use that version.

    And that's it!
    Were you expecting more?

    Have this.
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    Is the August 3rd planned date only for updating the server to 1.13? Or does it include the map reset?
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    The update will involve a reset, given this poll and Spigot's statement on 1.13.

    We will also be running approximately 20% of our current plugins due to incompatibilities with 1.13. The important plugins all seem to work, so it's fine.