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    A single week between news posts? Blasphemy.

    Hello again guys, I bring you news of an impending ShadeCrest 1.13! We are going ahead with a Friday August 3rd release, and will add in missing elements over the next 2-3 weeks. The target time is around 4pm EST, though that may shift by an hour or two.
    While last week's thread covered our progress, this one will cover things you should know heading into the update.

    Survival 1.12.2 ends Thursday
    We will be shutting down the 1.12.2 server for the last time on Thursday in order to prepare the 1.13 update. At that time, all data will be archived and preserved for future reference (the potential of spectating our old map comes to mind.)

    The end of Creative
    There are no staff around to update Creative's plugins, and as such Creative cannot update to 1.13. Rather than keep around an unused, outdated server, we will shut it down indefinitely. "Press 'F' to Pay Respects."


    Unless we're given a really good reason to keep it around, Vanilla will be sent back to its little hole in the ground after Survival 1.13 is launched. This should surprise exactly zero players.

    Update Schedule
    Due to the size of this update, we've held back a number of features to accelerate the release date. Instead, we've made a rough schedule covering when to expect features.

    August 3rd
    Primary release, including Economy, LWC, ChestShop, homes, warps, and Prism. There will be a brand new spawn world, overworld, and resource worlds (mining, nether, end). Ranks and ontime from the previous map will be retained.

    Cash4Gold will turn gold ingots into rupees at a rate of 1 -> 5r. Yes, that is 1/10th of the previous rate; we are scaling all prices to match that base exchange rate.

    LWC has a new, more difficult price tiers:
    There is a cap at 12 chest locks for now, this may expand in the future. Area locks are gone, as they were a hack. They may be added by another plugin in the future.​

    August 5th
    The plugins for slot machines, vaults, and the enchantment nerfs will be added (as covered in this thread.) Slots and vaults will spend two or three days being configured before being ready for public use.​

    August 11th
    Special food and drink items will be added to Spawn, and all event automation will be complete. At this point, Spawn is considered feature complete, although more may still be added.​

    August 17th
    Two weeks after its initial release, Survival will have all planned features implemented. Dungeons will be moved to the Spawn world, but may not be active depending on missing plugins.​
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    Players will be refunded enough to unlock and relock all their chests

    Is this still a thing?
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    No, that was based on the assumption that we were keeping old stuff and moving to a new map. We are resetting the world instead.
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    I cannot login. It says I am not whitelisted...
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    I'm having the same issue as madoz10 when I try to direct connect with "" :( Has the direct link been updated for the new server?
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    As I wrote in the OP, Survival 1.12.2 was shut down Thursday. Survival 1.13 will open Friday (today) around 4pm EST. It is not open right now so you cannot join.
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