The New Update Thread - September 2018

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    Hey there guys, we're going to try again for monthly updates. Wish me luck.

    Server status
    We've updated to 1.13.1, which has some performance and bug fixes. Nothing too major, but it is incompatible with version 1.13, so be sure you have the right version selected!

    New features
    • Jumping on crops dries the soil rather than immediately breaking them. Jumping on dry soil will then break the crops
    • Type /shopeditor or hold and ink sac and click on a valid sign to open a brand new shop editor. This lets you edit your existing shops and create new shops in /warp mall in spawn!
      Valid signs include: Shops you own, empty signs.
    • Announcements have returned, in all of their server-santioned spammy glory

    Wiki updates
    There are two new WIP pages on the wiki (one linked, one not) that attempt to condense all important information for survival 1.13. First is the new main page, which acts as an introduction to the server. Even if you don't find it particularly useful, new players probably will. Next we have the mechanics page, which covers all of the odd quirks we've added to the server that aren't part of a major plugin (like craftbook.) I heavily suggest you take a look, because some items have not been covered clearly anywhere else.

    On grinders...
    I'm excluding names, but you know who you are. Hi! One player claimed grinders were illegal due to having an economy, and argued that not allowing grinders negatively affected player builds, which he claimed draw more people to the server than our fledgling economy.

    Your premise is wrong. Grinders are illegal because they give you items and exp that you did not earn. It has nothing to do with the economy. And if you are going to rage-quit the server because a staff member mocked you (shockingly not me this time) maybe think before you say: