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Will i be a good mod

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Rem

    Rem Active Member VIP

    What is your IGN?

    Have you ever been banned from this server? If so, explain.
    Nope, completely clean
    Are you 14 or older?
    I am 20 :D

    Are you mature enough to be considered?
    I believe i am in very serious situations, such as handling with bannable offenses. But yea i belive i am mature enough
    Do you have any past staff experiences in minecraft ?
    Yes. This server

    When were you first seen on the server?
    August 2nd, 2013

    How much playtime do you have(subtract afk time)?
    My ontime is 44 days 17 hours and 25 min (at the moment) i usually get on everyday and on the weekends

    Do you have teamspeak/smartphone with tapatalk?
    I have Teamspeak. I also have skype and discord
    What time zone do live in?
    I live in the Arizona time zone

    With respect to your timezone, what times do you play?
    On the weekends and after school for about 2-4 hours, usually 6-10 pm my time. On the weekends, I usually play all day due to events. So i am on everyday

    Do you actively vote? If no why not?
    I dont vote often, but will soon in the future cuz i feel like i should. i dont do it cuz im lazy:p
    Is there any time in the foreseeable future that you will be gone for a week or more?
    No not that i know of. i will tell admins if i do

    What sets you apart? Why should you be picked?
    Well i am very intelligent. I am actually older then 12 :p. I am actually very funny and i can cheer up people, it think. I have a teamspeak channel named after me. BOOM! i will be enjoying being a mod in the future :D