Minecraft 1.15.1 & Weekly Treasure Hunt

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    Minecraft 1.15.1 is here!
    You can now use the latest version on Survival.

    There were no major plugin changes to make this switch, so everything should continue to work the same as it used to.

    In addition, we will be resetting mining, the nether, and the end tomorrow to load terrain (bee) changes. We will be looking into upgrading sections old terrain from 1.14/1.13 to 1.15.1 in the overworld as well.

    Weekly treasure hunt
    Our weekly treasure hunt will happen in the new mining world this time. Three chests will be hidden in existing terrain within ~100 blocks of spawn and will be reachable without breaking a single block. I will only provide screenshots of their contents, not one with location hints :)

    As usual, this will happen tomorrow (Sunday) sometime between 1pm and 3pm Eastern time
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    Updated the thread with a version bump from 1.15 to 1.15.1
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    Merry Crestmas Erik

    (Edited for missed pun)
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    Erik did a great job, I skipped as moderator the treasure chest activity because I had something that I could consider as cheating, that's called "Spectate". But Erik managed to make a change in the plugin that I can't spectate anymore in the spawn, so now I can fairly participate again. And yes I was open and honest towards Erik about the option that I could cheat, that's why I excluded myself from it.

    But now that Erik has fixed this, I can participate again :)
    Erik fixed that I can't use "Spectate" in the spawn, so I can't be tempted to think about "Spectating" during the treasure chest hunt.

    Strange huh, that I am open and fair towards Erik that I could cheat, other people would have kept it silent and abused the possibility, which I didn't.