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    We've finally brought a feature back from the 1.12 days: Dynamic admin shops! This feature allows us to promote chest shops (and give you more opportunities to make rupees) without forcing items to have a specific price.

    The short explanation of how this feature works is that selling items will slowly lower the price, and buying items will slowly raise the price.

    Here are the shops we've created as a beta test:




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    Does that mean they're priced by rarity (ie. the fuller the chest, the lower the price)? That makes sense. Also forces people to mix it up if they're grinding for rupees they will need to travel to find the rarer items to sell.
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    Essentially, but the effective chest size is infinite

    The chests have a short term transaction limit (capacity) so they can’t be spammed into oblivion. After a minute or two, if the chest is above 80% capacity the price will drop. If it’s below 20%, the price will rise. When this happens, the capacity goes back to the default of 50%
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    You know what's a good plugin? MCMMO, especially when it's paired with Towny.