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    Hi all,

    A while ago that I wrote something but hey, some news :)
    Erik is the guy :) Has done a lot in the short time (well... short, almost heading a year already again) since I started playing on this server. *Applause for Erik*

    So what's happening lately that came to notice... Some old players are returning, I've also dragged some friends of mine to this server and lately some new players come (and some fast go). So it means it slowly getting back to live which I'm happy with.

    At the period that I got dragged to this server by EXE_Corp (aka Tank) or (Exe) there were hardly players on, except for EXE and me and of course Ezeinger92. EXE and his friend left again for SWTOR (StarWars The Old Republic) and never returned, but hey, I stayed and I like it on this server.

    But after a while, it became from 3 players to 4 and so to sometimes 6 to 8 players. So let's keep it up and let's keep crafting :) I've been snooping around starting from the spawn in all kinds of directions and I've seen huge villages build up and my compliments everyone did their best on their building, some even impressed me with their building skills. *applause to them*.

    So I hope that more will return and feel the fun again.
    Well that's about it for now, nothing much interesting but I thought I share this lovely moment.

    PS. always carry a bed with you. You'll need it ;)