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    Hello again everyone,

    I am so happy. Lately we getting around 8 to 9 players online and more are coming.
    The high moments we had was already 12 to 15 players, not long but still its a number.

    I am aware that Isolation is a pain, some can't go to school or work. Some aren't even allowed to leave their homes. And that's the hardest part, that you can't leave your house. I burden the pain with you all.

    So I was thinking and leave comments below of your idea's.
    To build some fun stuff that we can do. Since I am limited, we need to think of it on survival way to build, but also a prize to give on the survival way.

    So what events would you like to see on the server, keep in mind, all needs to be build in survival, i'm not an admin that could easily say. I build that in a second and its done.

    One of the idea's was a sort of layer based maze with ladders, traps and holes and such and that gave me already some idea's.

    But let me know what you would like to see or to do.

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