More players are joining :) And old are returning :)

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    Hi all,

    Well first of all, some has already noticed i'm the european admin and am currently building the entirely new PvP arena which some of you have already visited. Just log on the server and do /warp pvp and you can see for yourself.

    For now i'm currently busy with the 2nd/final floor to build and you can explore and fight wherever you want in the pvp arena.

    Recently we are experiencing players coming online and do advertisement for their own servers or people who like to cross the rule nr. 3 - The "Don't be a dick!" one. So a few bans and mutes has already given to those.

    So I do like to ask that if you come across such rule breakers, please report them here on the forum so we can take actions on those players. I'd like to keep it fun, clean and entertaining on our server.

    Thanks and have fun in playing!
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