PVP Arena is completed!

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    Hi all,

    Time to challenge each other, the new pvp arena is completed.

    Join in on mc.shadecrest.com server and type: /warp pvp and explore the new arena, but be careful, others might join and kill you.

    Take your time and challenge each other.

    Coming soon! Labyrinth
    Find hidden treasures
    Find the way to the top for an awesome price. But if you fail, you will need to start from the beginning.
    It won't be easy, walls changes, traps that might lead you to death, hidden doors and more...
    And stay alert, others might want to go for the prices as well, so a backstab might take place, even of your own friend ;)

    So stay tuned!
    Do note, it will take a while before it is build. But you gonna love it.

    Stay safe, play MC on ShadeCrest survival
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  2. StephenP67

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    Nice work. Looks like it would suit a pvp last one standing type scenario.
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    Looks great!