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    Hey Folks,

    I was looking back at my old antics and must admit, I am a bit disgusted by some of my past behavior on Shadecrest. I wanted to extend an apology to those I may have wronged in the past. Towards the end of my time on the server, my PvPing became too much and I let my ego go to my head. So it goes for middle schoolers, though. I also want to say that I am incredibly happy this server is still around. I have loved trawling the forums for past threads and seeing the shenanigans we all got up to during our time here. We all may have grown up, but Shadecrest will always be a part of us.

    Good luck and godspeed. May we PvP together in the great beyond one day.


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    ... ?
    I've never thought poorly of you, outside of heat-of-the-moment "Oh that twat!" lol