MC 1.16.2 and Mining Reset

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    We've finally updated the server to the latest Minecraft version 1.16.2! That only took like 3 weeks of waiting and 6 hours to do the update...

    Even though the changes in this version aren't that large, we have a few other updates for the server. So I guess this is the next never-ever-actually-monthly update thread.

    Mending & Repair

    I've created a prototype of a new repair system that dramatically changes how anvil repairs work. I'll list the current details below, but be aware that it's not applied to everyone right now, only people I put on a list (waterpower1 and myself right now). After it's thoroughly tested and possibly balanced, it will be rolled out to the rest of the server. My guess would be 2-3 weeks.

    • Items no longer become increasingly expensive to repair, their exp cost is exclusively based on the resulting enchatments
    • Items without mending can be repaired 10 times. This number is displayed on the item after its first repair (id "Repairs left: 9")
    • When an item has zero repairs left, all methods of anvil repair will be too expensive
    • It is only considered a "repair" if one of the input items has less durability than the resulting item. That means applying an enchanted book does not reduce the number of repairs you can do. You will still need to pay the exp cost for the new item
    • Items with mending do not have "Repairs left" and can be repaired at an anvil infinitely
    • Traditional mending repair by picking up exp is disabled. Normal anvils repairs with materials and exp must be used to repair mending tools
    • Renaming an item only ever costs 1 level
    There is an interesting consequence of these mechanics: If you have zero repairs left on an item, you can still apply a mending book because it's not counted as a "repair". The result item then does not have a repair limit because it has mending, and can then be repaired infinitely.

    Guest Spawn

    We've made a new guest spawn from scratch to give a better new player experience for those first joining the server. Well, better if they read the signs :)

    If you walk out of the main building at /warp spawn, you can see the guest spawn below the pond out front. You can also see the punishment room where guests are teleported if they don't read the signs and go the wrong way.

    Spawn Notice Board
    We've changed the look of the notice board at spawn to match the sign boards in the guest spawn. That board is now filled with various small news items and general info. We will be updating it as changes are made.

    Mining / Nether / End Reset

    This comes at no surprise but we've reset the resource worlds for 1.16.2. These worlds are much smaller than last time, which we may change, but will hopefully let us reset them more frequently in the future.

    Permanent Nether?

    There was a discussion in discord about having a permanent nether so that players can build houses in the new nether biomes, and potentially fast travel around the overworld through the nether. Unfortunately discord channels have demonstrated that they are remarkably bad at holding discussions, so I'll be posting a thread a bit later on the topic.
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    I'll take a look soon, see how it looks :)