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    The old perk thread died, time for a new one.

    [VIP I]
    Open /ws workshop menu, including /c for crafting
    [VIP II]
    Armor stand: Toggle arms and base plate, rotate, and reset
    BetterBanners: 8 layers (+2)
    [VIP III]
    Armor stand: Toggle size, gravity, and visibility, set equipment, and move stands around
    BetterBanners: 11 layers! (+5)
    [VIP IV]
    Armor stand: Position arms, legs, head, and body, and copy/paste stand settings
    BetterBanners: 15 layers! (+9)

    [VIP V]
    BetterBanners: Unlimited layers!!

    Command details:
    Armor stand editor:
    Edit armor stand attributes without needing to learn commands!
    1. Right click the air with a piece of flint to open the edit menu
    2. Select an attribute to edit
    3. Right/left click on an armor stand to change the attribute
    4. With position attributes, hold shift and scroll to change the axis of rotation
    Portable crafting stations, like crafting table and loom, that can be accessed as long as you have one available*. Full list here:
    • Crafting table
    • Loom
    • Cartography table
    • Stonecutter
    • Grindstone
    • Smithing table
    • Ender chest
    *The crafting station must be in your inventory, or contained by a shulker box in your inventory
    OR if you have an ender chest:
    Inside your ender chest, or contained by a shulker box in your ender chest
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