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    Before you start, make sure you have an enough money. Towns are expensive to start and require daily upkeep, and town members are charged a daily tax. See Making Money to learn about Rupees.

    Joining a Town
    Before you join a town, you should visit with /t spawn TownName to make sure it's somewhere you'd like to live. Some towns don't allow outsiders to spawn, so ask a mayor or an assistant if they are accepting members and if you can take a look around. Also ask about taxes, and where members are allowed to build.

    To join a town, you must be sent an invite from a mayor or assistant. In chat, you'll receive an invite prompt, and can use /accept to join or /deny to reject the invite.
    There is one exception: If a town is open (seen with "(Open)" next to its name in /t list), any player can join by using /t join TownName.

    Starting a town
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    Claiming plots
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    Plot types
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    Selling plots
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    Town Levels
    A lone player, an "Adventurer", that owns land.
    This level can purchase 90 plots and has 100r upkeep.
    2-3 members, lead by a "Pioneer".
    This level can purchase 150 plots and has 200r upkeep.
    4-5 members, run by a "Chief".
    This level can purchase 270 plots and has 400r upkeep.
    6-9 members, managed by a "Baron".
    This level can purchase 420 plots and has 750r upkeep.
    Towns of this size and larger can join a nation.
    10-15 members, with a "Viscount" at the top.
    This level can purchase 600 plots and has 1,300r upkeep.
    Towns of this size and larger can create nations.
    Large Town
    16-21 members in the hands of a "Count".
    This level can purchase 900 plots and has 2,300r upkeep.
    22-29 members under the guidance of an "Earl".
    This level can purchase 1,320 plots and has 4,000r upkeep.
    *Must be part of a nation
    Large City
    30-39 members, granted prosperity by a "Duke".
    This level can purchase 1,800 plots and has 6,500r upkeep.
    *Must be part of a nation
    40-53 members, blessed by a great and benevolent "Lord".
    This level can purchase 2,400 plots and has 10,400 upkeep.
    *Must be the capital city of a nation
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