1.7.9 Transition!

Discussion in 'News and Updates' started by ezeiger92, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. ezeiger92

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    We are finally moving to 1.7.9 (yes, finally)! Hopefully we will get some new players to the server now that they won't have to downgrade their client to join.

    Server is up and running!
    Thanks ndvenckus1!

    The switch to uuid's takes time, and the server is trying to parse all the names that have ever joined the server. Well, not all of them, but a lot of names!

    So to the important part, what happens if you can't update because you have client mods that haven't updated?
    Don't worry about it! Spigot is really nice and supports clients from 1.7.2 - 1.7.9

    Q: But what about the new 1.7.10?
    A: Fortunately, 1.7.10 is mainly a realms update, and works with our version of spigot
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  2. StephenP67

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    I seem to get a bit of lag when planting in 1.7.9. I used to just hold right click and plant a whole row of 64 wheat while walking along but now some seeds seem to be planted then disappear again and I have to go back and fill in the gaps.
  3. SpaceCadetKevin

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    This may be an issue with the lighting around your farming area. If not properly lit, seeds will pop up out of the ground.
  4. ezeiger92

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    I think he means visually the crop is planted, but the server doesn't register it. That would be low tps and/or NoCheat being mean.