This Week in ShadeCrest - 2014/07/11

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    • General - Voting Page
    • Creative - Staff Changes
    • Survival - Plugin Cleanup
    • SpaceEngineers - More admins for Public

    General - Voting Page
    ndvenckus1 has worked on this new voting page. Please report any issues you find with it to Ndv or reply to this post or his voting ideas thread. The intention is to bring both creative and survival voting together and make it easier to vote (and therefore encourage people to do it more often). I personally find it way easier and probably will be voting more myself with how simple it with the new voting page. This is just one of the many changes Ndv is hoping to make in general to voting. Please visit this thread to see the rest of the ideas he has in the works:

    Creative - Staff Changes
    Navarog promoted some new creative admin staff, Chandler107 and qb10panther. I still need to work on getting all the new staff all their appropriate permissions and access to documents, but Navarog is already started discussions on what needs to be done on creative and getting up to speed.

    Survival - Plugin Cleanup
    We're in the process of cleaning all unused and/or broken plugins off the server. This means there will be a few extra restarts now and again as we add, remove, or reconfigure these plugins. It also means we are cleaning out old permission nodes, unused scoreboards, and other junk we've accumulated. However, we aren't perfect, and some things may not work like they are supposed to. If that happens, tell us so we can fix it! Either in game or in the survival issues board!

    SpaceEngineers - More admins for Public
    We've been getting a steady flow of players on our public server which means yes, more griefers but that does mean more need for staff. There are now a total of 5 people who are admins now on the public server, so if you find someone doing something improper let us know or post on the forums and I can ban people even if they are offline.
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    Mind that is not correct, but the new vote page linked above is. I've been bugging Max to set up a redirect from to the new vote page, so hopefully we can get that done soon.
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    Neither Minecraft Server Lister nor Minecraft MP give me in-game votepoints/lottery rewards.
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    Me either