This Week in ShadeCrest - 2014/07/25

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    • General - MOTD change
    • General - Bumping and Voting
    • General - Forum Moderation & Warnings
    • General - Wiki Updates
    • Creative - More creative staff changes
    • Survival - ezeiger92 promoted to admin
    • Survival - LWC protection fix

    General - MOTD change
    If you haven't seen our new server MOTD by now, you should go check it out. "A Minecraft Communtiy" has been replaced with "A sandbox gaming community", more color has been added, our different servers are listed, and it just looks better. This is not the final version, changes may still occur as we are going through a minor rebranding process right now, but it is a good starting point. And no, we will not change it back to "MeowCrest" :p

    General - Bumping and Voting
    I think many have already noticed the fruits of our labor when it comes to voting. Ndv increasing the incentives for voting has more people voting than ever and we're seeing more players again. Though voting improvements haven't finished quite yet. Ndv is working on updating the webpage so the table tabs load without refreshing the whole page, and adding an option on the page to display the links to all the voting sites for people who prefer the "open in new tab" method. On top of that, you can expect to see things getting added to the vote shop relatively soon, and we could certainly use all of your input in the VotePoint ideas thread. Another thing that will help is that people at the very least occasionally bump our Minecraft Forums posts. FYI, I will be posting these weekly updates on Minecraft Forums and Planet Minecraft to bump that thread AT LEAST once a week, but players bumping it more often would be great.

    General - Forum Moderation & Warnings
    Today I am officially rolling out a system that will allow our moderators to issue warnings on the forums and those warnings to inevitably lead to temp banning on the forums for repeat offenders. This is not to turn our forums into some kind of silly police state, but rather to just bring order to some of the flaming, trolling, and other inappropriate behavior that sometimes happens on the forums. Full details on how this system works can be found here, and will eventually be put into the wiki. Which leads to...

    General - Wiki Updates
    We are in the process of doing some pretty massive updates to the Wiki. This overall is to first just take care of anything massively out of date, but also begin to roll out all those policies that I have been pitching over the last few months via my ShadeCrest Master Document. As always looking for feedback on this stuff prior to it going up on the wiki.

    Creative - More creative staff changes
    As many of you have noticed, we had a large departure of some long time Creative staff. They will be missed, but Navarog is staying on top of things including making a new Moderator rank for Creative, more news on that later after we get it setup. TegAshLar has also returned from inactive duty so that puts the admin count on Creative up to 4 including Navarog. I think that's a healthy number and likely with this new moderator rank, we should be able to have a good healthy staff number around the clock (at least that's the goal).

    Survival - ezeiger92 promoted to admin
    Erik has been doing a lot over the past several months both in terms of just being an active staff presence, but also helping fix a LOT of back end stuff. Not just stuff mentioned in the weekly update, but a lot of stuff that's just been messy on the server side of ShadeCrest for quite some time. He's basically been acting in an admin capacity for the last month and a half anyhow, so figured it was right to make him an admin in title as well.

    Survival - LWC protection fix
    When we updated to 1.7.9, players that were added to chests were not able to access them. This has now been fixed, and all players that were added to locks before (and after) 1.7.9 can access them! We apologize to those affected by this bug for the time it took to correct.
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    Should be called dramacrest lmfao
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    I have a very appropriate series of images for that at home, stay around tomorrow night to see em!
  4. Good to see Creative numbers above 2.
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    Delivery is sweet.
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    I can change it to MeowCrest.
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    XD Max, GG

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    Do it, lol