Vote Rewards v2!

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    Goal: 3000% less salt than the previous thread.

    It's hard to come up with things for voting and donating separately, and since Mojang sees voting as a form of donating, why not link them together?

    I'd like to see some donation perks accessible by voting (iron skin, any of the other suggestions). Weather and time changing perks might not be wanted by everyone, so they will remain donation-only. Mining resets may remain vote-only because of how powerful they are, but maybe not.

    If you have thoughts on this, or have ideas for vote-only perks, post here!
    If you have ideas for vip perks that could work with voting, post in the other thread!
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    I should mention that the monthly vote trophies for top voters are a) still a thing, and b) automated. So there's a vote specific reward, lol