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Discussion in 'Server Builds' started by cazeault, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. cazeault

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  2. Thomasdd13

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    I think that is a really impressive build!! i like that it is two tower's joining together at the top, and it's one of the best asian themed building's i have seen in a long time! i dont know why it's floating, but to each their own :D
  3. PieSquared761

    PieSquared761 Well-Known Member VIP

    Nice, just don't know why it's floating.
  4. DastardlyWhale

    DastardlyWhale Well-Known Member

    Hey look Z_Millla, its Flex in creative!
  5. Archenemy666

    Archenemy666 Active Member VIP

    nope, flex isnt made of square islands.
  6. cazeault

    cazeault New Member

    its 4 at the top
  7. NMBr2d2

    NMBr2d2 Well-Known Member VIP

    Just what we always wanted, another pagoda.
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  8. ZPWR22

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    I <3 pagoda
  9. sioutdoors

    sioutdoors Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    Ok but why is this called cnc pic?
  10. PieSquared761

    PieSquared761 Well-Known Member VIP

    Because cnc(warlord) is awesome, and this is awesome by association. Bazinga.
  11. cncwarlord

    cncwarlord Member Creative Architect

    Caz was just showing me his build :] Dont be mean to him lol, it was erased already.
  12. PieSquared761

    PieSquared761 Well-Known Member VIP

    Why is it erased?
  13. sharqman

    sharqman Well-Known Member VIP

    you can clear your plot to start over your build in creative plot world, it's how it works.
  14. Matthijs

    Matthijs Member

    So u guys didnt make him Builder? :O