July 3rd 2012

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    Was the day my life changed. Before that minecraft had gotten boring. And joining a server in hopes of finding friends to play along side with. And I did do just that. But along with that i learned so much more that I thought I could. While my stay here i never played more than 2 hours on any other server. Litteraly this has been my multiplayer home and my second home. From the time I joined i would spend so many hours at a time here. Even recently spending 10-12-14 hours a day with all of you on almost all of shadecrest's servers. One thing i would like to mention, I never asked one time to be an admin. But at the time (current admin ) it was suggested that i became one. So when max came and asked me if i wanted to be I said im not sure how good i will be at it but i'll give it my very best. And for 95% of my time as admin i felt i did. As we all do I got burnt out once or twice and just faded in to the background. Always watching and reading the forums as well as checking in. For the better part of the last two years that was my life,my passion and my love. As I did truly love certain aspects of being an admin. I am at heart a teacher, i taught welding to apprentices in my local. Also i always tried to give suggestions when dealing with build approvals. And for anyone that needed help and would take the time to listen I went over building techniques and style with them. None of which i knew when I arrived here. But i remain overall happy about my time here. The good friends I met and the ones the have gone. I only wish that i could have been around the admins more when I joined as they was truly talented. As i sit here fighting back tears of sadness i want to thank some people for aspects of my life i wont forget. Firstly for cncwarlord , Socklord and QuietSea thanks for believing in me, i hope i never let you 3 down. Secondly thanks to imaxorz for trusting me with the position. Also there are so many players from creative that i would like to mention but it would take up all the memory for the forums. Most notably iwilleatyou4 i remember the day i met you. OMG that plot build lol so bad. But you never gave up, you took my input and made that place your own. You and I will remain friends beyond this game. A360P your skills always amaze me and i'll never forget how you mentioned to me that I inspired you. Keep at this game you will become legendary. Z_Millla your are a redstone phenom and a good person. We been through the best and worst here. trukklob Legend9468 Pieman_Is_God Im glad that i had a small part in your step up to power. And Pie i always knew you had what it took. Navarog no one ever knew it but I had your back from the start and it hurt me the most to give you the ban way back when. After that you never gave up and always wanted advice on how to get back to admin. bobbylou4 you are a good person and stay true. slappywhitee what a kind and gentle motherly soul you have and i enjoyed our talks. SkittlesQueen always fun and upbeat it was a joy to be know you. North_Korean keep up with the drive and energy you have it was great building the towns together (sorry my house isn't done). Dynodamon I have mad respect for you, your a lot like myself. You fight tooth and nail for what you believe and that is honorable. SO many more to mention but for all of you who I did not mention i haven't forgot you guys. The general player of Shade Crest we just a great group of guys. For all the server and all my friends its time for my final curtain call. Stay true to you and let nothing stand in your way.

    God bless
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    Good luck in the future siout!!
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    slebert i should make you my final act and ban you from the forums but i wont GL with growing up and getting unbanned
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    I'm sorry.
    Goodbye everyone.
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    Siout. Building that first group build on creative was one of the best times i've ever had on the server. I'll miss you. Goodbye and good luck to whatever comes.
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    Sorry to hear that Si. If this is fallout from the current storm I hope you might reconsider once the smoke clears (if that is even possible, obviously I don't know anything that went on behind the scenes) but if not I wish you all the best.

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    Cya man, never really got to know you that well, but you seem to be a damn decent guy.
    On a slightly touchier note, I'm glad to see that you and dyno can forgive each other so quickly for that little spat earlier.

    Good luck, and take down some deer for me! :p
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  8. PieSquared761

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    I didn't really know you too well, but I do remember that you're a very nice guy and a very good builder. I wish you and your family health and happiness and good luck with everything siout!
  9. Magetime

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    Sad to see you go but remember the DPP! May dinnerbone guide your path to success(inside joke) :p

    THEdeadRETURNED Active Member VIP

    well, siout. its been great knowing you, from when i first joined creative to later on, with survival. you will be missed, and best of luck to you where ever you end up.
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    Cya sio! I never really knew you that well, but thanks for helping me with my build on creative and thanks of course for promoting me. You're an awesome builder and I did feel a bit sad reading this... :(

    Anyways, good luck on all your future endeavours. :)
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    I will miss you siout! (Now who is going to build my survival bases!?) You have always been a fantastic builder and an inspiration to me to improve. I hope this isn't because of recent events because it is just a game. I understand that interests come and go like most things. Just keep well and safe (I better not cry). One last thing, when I was a mer guest on survival my first time ever on multiplayer you were the first person who said. "Welcome Flamestar00". I won't forget that.

  13. Z_Millla

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    Si :( So sad to see you go man. Your easily one of the most talented individuals to ever grace this server. You actually managed to organize and complete group projects on here, which given our track record, I think that makes you a miracle worker. What you've done in this game is seriously mind blowing.

    Take care. Don't ever hesitate to come back as well. We'll keep an axe warm for ya. :)
  14. Legend9468

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    Like many others from our community, it sorrows me to see your passing. I do hope to see you pop your head in every now and again.

    See you around sometime Mate.
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  15. Flamestar00

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    True aussie legend aren't yah mate?
  16. Legend9468

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    I was trying to find something to say that made it sound less like a eulogy.

    Also, mate translates to friend and under the right context a compliment.
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    Legend I know.
  18. Legend9468

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    Some people may not quite comprehend though. Slang, while informal, can be quite honourary sometimes.
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  19. epic_poke8

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    You will be missed, nice seeing ya.
  20. A360P

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    This will probably end up being quite the reply so sorry everyone for the wall of text:

    I have and always will respect your skill, in more ways than as just a builder. You certainly inspired me when I joined the server, I'm sure you remember how bad I was at that time, seeing a build like Black Lotus blew my mind at the time. I had no idea what world edit was and never knew such builds were possible. I was only going to try creative on a whim, but your build (along with a couple of others on the server) spurred me on to better myself. As I started improving I remember you guiding me every now and then, and that really helped me excel. It made me happy when I made it to Staff and I began being able to build on a similar level to you, since that was one of my aspirations from day one on the server.

    Not only are you a phenomenal builder, but a great guy. To be able to put up with me and EnormousWilly on FTB is nothing short of amazing in itself :p. It was great fun derping around with you on the server, and Eno loved learning the bee stuff from you (he'll probably miss this post since he doesn't frequent the forums, but I know he will miss your presence). You are also a great admin, I learned a lot from you in that respect too. It was a daunting prospect at first but you made learning the position easy on myself (and I'm sure the same goes for Lion, Pie and Anno who were promoted at the same time as me).

    I ended up cutting a bunch of that text out since it really was a bit of an essay, hopefully it still makes sense :)

    Good luck with everything, and don't forget ShadeCrest will always be a home you can return to even if only once in a blue moon. We will always welcome you ^_^ Thank you for being a part of our community.

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