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  1. ezeiger92

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    My bad, sorry LVX! ;-;
  2. LVXseeker

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    No problem, I wasn't offended or anything. I just want to avoid the whole "bunch of monkeys trying to hump a football" scenario, lol. It looks like you got the PvP rules covered well. If I can be of help, lemme know.
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    Here's a list of all suggestions from this thread, with no particular sorting.
    • Survival rules cleanup (link)
    • Protection price tiers (link)
    In progress:
    • Spawn mall and marketplace
    • Persistent bidirectional Nether (link)
    • Update guide on wiki:
      • Chat format codes
      • Vote page tutorial
      • Teamspeak link
      • Prism commands
      • More clarity with commands
      • Add "/seen" and "/ontime" to the commands
      • Mutliblock structures
    • /color command for chat format codes
    Under consideration:
    • Grief Prevention (plugin)
    • Rewards for mob kills
    • More playtime ranks
    • McMMO experience tweaks
    • Residence (plugin)
    • Pet VIP perk (plugin1, plugin2)
    • Allow events to be run by players
    • Tweak mob spawning
    • Entity protection (plugin)
    • "Legendary" tools for sale
    • Riding arbitrary mobs
    • Jobs (plugin) - All features covered by quest plugins, which provide greater flexibility
    • Factions on PvP world (plugin) - Per-world plugins are not possible
    • Removing enchantment loss from McMMO repair - Not at all balanced
    • Stop loot transfer between PvP and PvE - Impossible with neutral regions
    • "Staff online" - This doesn't mean anything
    • Admin set value for all items - Completely inflexible economy, floods server with resources
    • Force player interaction - This is something that can't be forced without being terrible
    • Turn server into MMORPG - Too much work
    • "X server/world/minigame" - Find me the staff to run this and players to use it
      • Applies to (but not limited to): Hide and seek, Skywars, Hunger games, Capture the flag, Parkour, Factions, KitPvP, PotionPvP, Prison, Skyblocks, Skygrid, Snapshot, and SoupPvP

    Ideas under consideration must be justified, otherwise they will be rejected. If you want to discuss an idea, make a new thread. We will not work on rejected ideas.

    And with that, thread locked.

    Fun fact, this thread had over 68 pages of text when written in 12 point Times.
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