Survival Voting: August 2016 (End of Voting Edition?)

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    August 2016
    #1 Voter with 155 votes: ezeiger92
    #2 Voter with 93 votes: King_Videot
    #3 Voter with 92 votes: WCTech

    150 Votes Club (4,000r)

    105 Votes Club (2,500r)

    70 Votes Club (1,500r)
    King_Videot(93), WCTech(92), Joe_Lorodeth(85), Faelisa(75), Legend9468(70)

    With 2 and a half hours left in the month, we cleared the 1k vote mark to reach 1,014 votes! Thank you to everyone who worked to reach this!
    As I've said, we were going to finish this month before complying with Mojang's view of votes as hard currency. Trophies should be distributed by a fancy new automatic process in 10 hours or so, along with the lobby podiums. All prize money has been distributed.

    So is this the end of voting?
    No, of course not!
    This marks the end of our old reward system, and the beginning of a brand new one! We've only had a few days of preparation, so things will be rough around the edges for a while, but here we go.

    Vote goals
    Our new reward system is "vote goals", or milestones for the entire server. Once we've collected the required number of votes, we run a reward command to set up benefits for the entire server!
    Goals may have a cool-down period to prevent them from running too frequently.

    Q & A
    What will happen to our current voting sites?
    We are keeping all of our current voting sites. The voting process will be exactly the same as it was before: You enter your name, complete the captcha, and click for each site.​

    Wait, so you aren't rewarding voting?
    Vote goals reward the server as a whole for each individuals votes.​

    What "vote goals" do we have?
    As of writing this post, 1,000 votes will reset all resource worlds to a brand new seed!
    There are also plans of something like a "double xp weekend" for mcMMO experience, but those are not implemented.​

    That's all? That's garbage!
    As we said, rough around the edges and we are still working on it. If you have ideas, post them in the discussion thread [link]!​

    What about the top voter trophies?
    We will continue to hand those out. Technically they are worth 5 rupees (gold nugget), but you have to craft them before selling and they have more value as a cosmetic item.
    By comparison, the lowest tier quest gives you 36 times as much gold, and you can complete those once a day.​
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    I'm glad you've been able to come up with a replacement incentive so quickly. In future, it seems we (and by we I mostly mean you =P) will have to focus around leveraging plugin features instead of vanilla content for rewards in order to avoid Mojang's BS.

    This really seems to throw a wrench in the works for some of your plans for towny costs/rewards, but perhaps we can still sort something out. While I"m considering ideas... maybe some sort of town-based mining world feature to take advantage of the more frequent resets. The linked chests idea was good, particularly if you can use hoppers to move contents from there into more chests. There is also the possibility of adding something like npcs that

    As to other possible vote rewards, maybe a mining world with a mesa biome for the rest of the month once 1000 votes are obtained? (I think I'm bending rules here, but maybe we don't care). Mostly I think we will have to trade either work on our part or plugin mechanics for voting, so perhaps I could build a fountain or a statue (next to their house, spawn or some special world, etc., for anyone who passed a certain voting threshold upon request. I'll have to think about it.
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