This Week(s) in ShadeCrest - 8/15 to 9/18

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    I'll never be able to fully automate this post, which dooms it to ALWAYS be late. At any rate, the semi-frequent update post is here!

    • Survival - Vote Trophy Automation
    • Survival - Vote Milestones
    • Survival - Dynmap New Blocks
    • Survival - Starter Kit
    • Survival - TownyTweaks (plugin)
    • Survival - Dungeon Spawning Tweaks
    • Survival - QuestWorld Fixes
    • Survival - Helper Rank
    • Survival - Prefix Command Tweaks
    • Survival - Archer and Warrior Halls
    • Survival - Pvp Arena Fixes
    • Survival - Vote Reward Messages
    • Survival - Build Projects
    • Survival - Voter Podium

    Survival - Vote Trophy Automation
    Thanks to some new fancy code, the "Top Voter" trophies are now automatically distributed via the vote reward system! When you are a top voter, you receive a "Trophy" reward. Claiming the reward gives you a trophy just like the ones we've been handing out for months now.

    Survival - Vote Milestones
    The new reward system: Milestones! See the main thread here for more info.

    Survival - Dynmap New Blocks
    Finally fixed the issues with rendering purpur blocks and the new 1.10 blocks on dynmap! Tiles with blacked out blocks still need to be updated, but all newly placed blocks appear correct. Wooooo!

    Survival - Starter Kit
    The kit new players get on tutorial completion (or when really old players return) now uses the old kit system I wrote. This way, it's much easier to tweak.
    Also, the old kit system got a massive update. It can now add non-item things like levels or ranks. Currently, it's only use is the tutorial.

    Survival - TownyTweaks (plugin)
    TownyTweaks! We're up to almost v0.3.0 by now, so what in the world is it?
    As it's name implies, it tweaks Towny behavior so we can add features or patch outstanding issues without modifying Towny itself.

    Current features:

    - WG region support, wilderness appears as pvp or pve respectively
    - Payback; new towns get money put directly into their bank
    - Towns can change biomes with "/plot set biome [biome]"
    - Intruder warnings when a non-town member walks into town

    See the TownyTweaks wiki page for an up to date reference of all features.

    Survival - Dungeon Spawning Tweaks
    As some players have pointed out, the top floor of /warp sewers claims "Mobs get harder and more frequent the lower you go"

    Though we could have just removed the sign, we opted for matching the described feature. As the sign describes, the mobs are now easier at the beginning and harder at the end.

    Survival - QuestWorld Fixes
    There was a long-standing bug that not many of you knew about. Unfortunately, it's difficult to explain; in short, claiming a reward under certain conditions would modify the reward to something much smaller.

    The source of that issue has been uncovered and resolved, as well as the issue with quest "Brewmaster". In addition, all sounds have been moved into a config file for ease of manipulation.

    Survival - Helper Rank
    We have a new staff(ish) rank: Helper!
    Helper is a chat mod rank; all special permissions are based in chat.

    They can:

    - /ch mute
    - /ch kick
    - /tempmute
    - /unmute
    - /warn
    - Deal with modreqs
    - Build in spawn
    - Talk in staff chat

    Current members: SkittlesQueen, WCTech, Alosapien, madoz10

    Survival - Prefix Command Tweaks
    The old way we handled prefixes was hacky, and was not very clear to players. If their prefix ended in an alphanumeric character or an underscore, we blocked it because it could be confused for a real name.

    When you make a prefix now, it will automatically add a space at the end if your prefix met that condition, which makes a lot more sense to anyone using it.

    Survival - Archer and Warrior Halls
    Thank you for your work with the new guild halls, Legend!

    We have brand new halls for the Archers Guild and the Warriors Guild!
    They have been placed near the entrances to our pvp arena, and you can see them along the beach of /warp mall!

    Survival - Pvp Arena Fixes
    The entrances are better, the regions are better, the terrain is... Well it's getting there. Go check it out! /warp vocano

    Survival - Vote Reward Messages
    Vote rewards now have custom messages, meaning we will see "100r" instead of "$100.0".
    This also fixes the previously missing messages for spawn eggs, as those are handed out by command.

    Survival - Build Projects
    We still need more hands on deck! There's a lot of construction work needed on the server and we currently have 2-3 players pitching in when they can.

    Check out the survival builds thread to see our open projects!

    Survival - Voter Podium
    The podium in the lobby will now automatically update to reflect the top voters!
    No need for (quite irritating) manual work to update month, vote count, and player heads!
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    Dang, I barely missed out on getting the helper shoutout :p

    Another thing to note guys, we're aiming to get another brand spanking new guild hall each week! This week's is the carpentry guild, which I'm finally happy, which I'll probably update you all on in either the Survival Snapshot or Creative Highlights thread (depending on when I finish)
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    Any way I can help with guilds? I'm not too good at building repeating patterns and such if the thing I'm building is more than 500x500x500, but smaller stuff is real fun for me, so I'd really like to make guilds.
  4. Legend9468

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    Hells yeah you can!

    There's still the Alchemist's, Trainer's, Farmer's, and Terraformer's to go. No general aesthetic requirement of them, although do try to theme with the name (Lumberjack's is a sawmill, Archer's is a shooting gallery). I've been aiming for around 20x20 space wise, but this doesn't take into account landscaping and paths.

    I do have some prototypes at my /home on creative if you want to see my interpretations for each.
  5. epic_poke8

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    Aight, so what do I do exactly? Do I build on Creative and someone will transfer it over or what? Also, if it's no trouble, I'd like to stray from your designs a bit.
  6. Legend9468

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    Build on creative yeah, we can either transfer or replicate on survival.

    I don't expect you to follow my designs. My designs on creative are just ideas, just in case you wanted to see how I approached the problem.
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    Ill help when I can just lemme know whatcha need boss