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    First, I just want to say to Erik : this isn't intended as a coup on how you choose to run the server. I just want to throw it out there and see what people think.

    I think the server should be reset right about now. Please read on and reply with your thoughts.


    One of the reasons I joined this server was because I'd get a new start every so often. I thought it would be cool to have the guarantee that what I built would remain for a long time. But, having observed the reality of it, I now believe it needs to happen now.

    The problem is basic economics. The world is being flooded with resources (because the mining world can be reset, inflating the economy), but resources are not being taken out enough. Therefore, EVERYTHING from blocks to materials to rupies are continuously being devalued (supply far exceeds demand, always). Eventually there is just nothing left to do, because you have collected literally everything. Minecraft wasn't intended to have an "endgame".



    I think the server reset would result in more vibrant trading, better communities, more new players, more active discord, a whole new terrain to explore and more interest from existing players.

    1. Trading: It's simple, reseting worlds = excess resources are deleted = more demand = more balanced economy.

    2. Community: Due to increased trading, players would have to interact more. Further, after a reset, people would form new groups to build towns. This may include groups of people you just met over the past few months. The towns would actually be active again because they necessarily couldn't be that old.

    3. More New Players: We've gone over this before, so I won't say too much here. Basically, since the towns would be being actively built, new members could actually feel like they contribute something.

    4. Existing Players: We're on a survival server, but when you have so much stuff that you're essentially playing creative, it can become boring. I know people have put a lot of time into projects, but after they're done what happens? "Welp, I built my big project...guess there's not much more for me to do here." And they leave. Resetting would open so many doors. Ever thought, "Man, that was a lot of work. I wish I would have done some things differently, but it's too much work to change it now"? Wait for the reset and build it better! How about, "I really like my current town, but it doesn't make much sense to expand it further now. I'd really like to make a new town with a different layout." Wait for the reset and build it different! Resetting would allow for people to keep getting better, keep making new goals and projects, and keep things fresh.



    I do NOT think everyone should start at square one. Some people have put a lot of time into this server, and that should be rewarded.

    1. For a period of time before the reset (say two weeks), players should be able to sell uncommon/valuable materials (gold, diamonds, spawn eggs, some materials, etc. all via player shops or cash4gold). These rupies would carry over into the new world at a percentage reduction, lets say 50? (this is debatable).

    2. So now we have players with a whole bunch of rupies in a brand new world. To start, there should be a more enhanced admin shop that allow you to buy anything (everything from blocks to diamonds to any material). Since all the materials would be spawned in, the money from the shop would go to the "server" (i.e., get deleted). Therefore, players that put a lot of time into the server would get more rupies from selling materials before the reset, and would be able to buy more to start in the new world. After a time (a month or so), the admin shops would phase out as player shops are established.


    McMMO should definitly be reset. The progression of levels at the start of the server, especially with the new system Erik has implented in this world, will be very interesting, and with some low level rewards, McMMO level grinding could inspire a huge amount of competition, as everyone would start from the beginning to see who can get 1000 across the board. Rewards could be similar to skill capes, rewarding the player with a special something when they reach a level in a skill (A nice pick one you reach mining 1000, for example)


    Resources would be deleted from the economy by the reset. Money is taken out of the economy by the admin shop. Items can now hold value and the game can hold people's interest again and maybe fix the economy problem that has been dreading our server.

    Of course, some details would need to be worked out, such as the pricing of the admin shops. Or safeguards to ensure one person doesn't buy up a huge amount of something and try to make an early monopoly. But those are minor details. I'd like to know what everyone thinks of it as a whole. Feedback is greatly appreciated!
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    I will put the tl;dr first.
    You are completely wrong, I disagree wholeheartedly.

    Now, the reasoning.

    You are right, a fresh start is fantastic. But my fresh start came only three months ago when I found this server. The idea of losing absolutely everything because players who have been around a long time and think things are too easy is nauseating.

    First, be aware my view of the server is totally different than yours simply because I play at a different time of day and I have only been on the server for three months. I am typically online between the hours of 0600GMT - 1700GMT. During these hours there are rarely more than two or three other people online, and I am present even less on weekends (which is the opposite of a typical player, I realize).

    You say the world is flooded with resources. Where? How can I get my hands on this glut of endgame/rare resources? I have played for three months and the resource world has reset twice in that time. Only twice. Today I struggled to find even iron as I stumbled across existing mining tunnel after existing mining tunnel.

    Is it in the shops? Most of the shops I look at have been woefully understocked for weeks. The market area simply isn't being utilized. At all. There's nowhere for people to spend rupees because nothing is available (my apologies Taylor and Lachun, I know you are restocking).

    For this to work, there need to be players to trade with. The few players who are online while I am DO actively trade with one another, and constantly. It's a small but thriving community and everyone involved seems satisfied with how it functions.

    Again, due to the limited number of people online when I am, those who are present have formed a community and are welcoming, friendly, helpful and I daresay, becoming/already are friends. In fact, there are two new towns that have formed a nation together just today!

    I'm not sure how a server reset gets more players. Wouldn't we accomplish this goal better by making sure existing players regularly vote to boost the servers position on various lists?

    Again, due to my limited time I don't feel like I'm playing in creative at all. I'm working hard to build something to be proud of. You can't think of any other projects after one grand work? As I understand it, there is a particular area of existing players that have attempted to build their new towns with a new layout multiple times and it was disastrous every single attempt.

    Am I reading the first point of your proposal correctly in that people will sell their stuff, and then lose 50% (arbitrarily chosen, I'm sure) of their assets upon reset?

    You complain about a glut of resources and then in your proposal immediately ask that all items in the whole game be available in the admin shop? How is this any different? I feel like the system your proposing has a very, very large number of loopholes that are going to immediately be abused the moment the "oldbies" get wind of it.

    Dangit, I have worked hard to get to my puny 3700 mcmmo level and I'd like to continue progressing! I disagree wholeheartedly on this point!

    If anything I wish the mining world reset a little more often so there were a great variety in biomes.
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    When I first saw this I was skeptical of the intentions, however, after reading this twice over, you make a lot of strong and reasonable arguments.

    At least in the past few weeks, when I get the chance to actually play, it doesn't feel like a survival experience. To the contrary, it feels like a harder version of creative. Why do we play? To build, create, or design? To work together and survive with each other? I feel thhat a lot of this has been lost due to the fact that we have had the same environment for over 1.5 years (and going strong! :) ), and many aspects have gone stale. Don't get me wrong, I love the worlds we have, but wouldn't it be great to reintroduce the real survival we once had. Let us together recreate an active environment where populated towns hold each other in esteem but with a burning rivalry. We have a lot of great members here on the server. We have some amazing possibilities. We can do the same things on the world we have, but I don't believe the impact would be as great.

    This is definitely an interesting topic to consider. Please discuss.
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    Holy shit, this is actually accurate. LOL!
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    While I'm hesitant to respond, owing to the fact that it gives this thread credibility, I feel like I have to, as you've made it too blatant and too irresponsible for me to ignore.

    Players are still active and maintaining a functioning economy in the times when I've been on. Additionally, I can't see any players (with the possible exception of vid) who have enough resources/funds to play as creative. Furthermore, I think that a reset should be a reset; either everything is carried over, or nothing is carried over, and by allowing players to amass cash before a reset and make every item buyable upon resetting, it would simply ruin the economy.

    No one (other than vid) has an excess of resources. The economy will never be perfect; some players are certainly wealthier than others. That doesn't mean that the economy is unbalanced. Even the most experienced players (again, exception of vid) can't just buy whatever they want whenever they want. And we all have different types of items we have more of and less of, so that's about as good as the economy is going to get. And your proposal would be nothing short of ruinous, for reasons I'll go into later in the post.

    As with Mietm, at the times when I am online, the players frequently interact, for both trading purposes, and because we can all have enjoyable conversations without fear of judgement - it's one of the nicest, if not the nicest, community I've ever been in. And in regards to towns, there's currently the Evergreen nation that's coming along rather well, after the letdown of Siliconia.

    Like what Mietm said, the key to getting new players is to bump threads and vote. If anything, having a preexisting community of people with resources encourages new players, as it means there are friendly, experienced players to go to if they're unsure of anything, or need help for some reason.

    No one on the server has enough resources to play it like a creative, with the possible exception of vid. I've been on since the reset, as has Erik, and we both still have major projects still under construction, and certainly not enough resources to just build willy nilly. And the most active players right now are probably myself, Taylor, Mietm, Erik and Draco. Of us, the only person who builds without concern is Draco, and he often just plays because he enjoys leveling up his mcmmo while working on things on another monitor. As part of that core community, I can say that we're all still very much active for the right reasons.

    You've been saying that it's largely about the economy and the players, but this would simply ruin the economy. A lot of players have an excess of a certain resource (not an issue in the current economy; the point of economy is that we trade what we have excess for something else someone else has excess of). This would mean that (as an example) I could sell my double chest of mending books and my 5 beacons, as well as the various other items I've amassed that have no real purpose, and go into the reset with an obscene amount of money that I didn't have - there's no way in the real economy I could just dump a double chest of mending books like that. And if you want to lower prices, then what happens to player like Darth who have put all their resources into their builds? He's done far more than me, but would go in with far less.
    And if players go in with an excess, this is essentially allowing them to turn something they couldn't use for much worth into stacks of diamonds, or wither skulls, or whatever their little hearts desire, forcing one of two things

    a) Insane inflation
    b) Some players having obscene resources right after a reset

    I'm sorry, but system makes no sense. The only balanced way to reset is to simply reset everything when a high majority of players have reached a stage where they're ready to put an end to their current projects, and start anew. I'm not at that stage, and I'd confidently say that very few, if any, other players are at that stage.

    If there's a total rest, then everything should be reset, including mcmmo. But in our current world, no, it shouldn't. There is no one in this current world - not even vid - who has straight 1000s across the board. And of the rest of the players, the next highest isn't even 8000, with the top 10 going down to the low 4000s. There are very few players who have a high enough power level for this to be relevant to, and most of the rest of us are proud of out levels, and continually working on upping them, or enjoying the natural progression with our gameplay style.
    I do think implementing a reward when you reach 1000 could be kind of cool though - it'd be pretty neat if, when you reached 1000, you got some item that wasn't available in game. It couldn't be too OP, as that could have some devastating effects, but if balanced correctly to give a powerful, but not overpowered item, that'd be pretty neat.

    I don't think you understand how adminshop works. They have infinite money and infinite items, so the can only adjust what's already there according to what's available to buy and sell. If you're referring to fluxshop, then yes, I think that's a good addition, but for all the reasons already stated, I don't consider a reset a good idea.
    And the adminshops shouldn't be selling and buying too much. When too much can be bought, that devalues those items more than anything else - after all, if something can be bought, then irrespective of a player's rupee count, that item still holds value to them. I do think the items in the admin and flux shops need tinkering with, but not like that.

    I'd like to finish by pointing out that NONE of this effects you or Damon - the only two supporters of this idea. Damon hasn't been on since the reset, and you've only come back in the last few weeks. Neither of you could possibly have run out of projects, neither of you has an excess of money, and you certainly haven't been on enough to stand there and judge server activity and trading patterns.
    You haven't been in that same environment for a year and a half, and as someone who has, let me tell you that there's always new stuff popping up, keeping the world interesting. Evergreen is starting up, and looking like it'll bring back the towny spirit. And if you want to start anew, there's plenty of empty land and resources available. All of which you would know if you were active. Which you're not.

    Yeah, for good reason. What the two of you are claiming as motivation for your assertion of that the server needs a reset simply does not align with the evidence. Which leads me to one of the following three conclusions:

    1) You're trolling, and I've wasted my time by even responding to this.
    2) You're fucking morons and actually believe what you're saying.
    3) You want to come back on the server, but don't want to do so when other players already have resources and a setup.

    Given how many grammar and spelling errors the two of you had, I'm inclined to go with reason 1, but it'd also align with 2.

    And one last thing.
    No one thought it was a coup until you put the idea in their heads. Fuck you.
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    Yeah, because nothing else in those posts was xD
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    Okay, your comment is event funnier now with the context

    So I'm going with option 1. I'm fucking pissed I wasted 2000 words on that.
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    This yr hasn't been the greatest for me, since the start of it I've been sick off and on, leaving me to not be able to play...I've gotten on to work on the quests cuz those are fun..its like going on treasure hunts for me...there's still alot I wanna do at my place but being sick off and on...I can't do I've always been against server resets cuz of the change but I get used to it...since I'm recovering from being sick again...I don't have much to say here lol

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    I swear, I told Hazbo this was a trolling thread and I walked right into it. Well played.
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    NMB's one was seriously two and a half years ago? Damn.

    Watch out I'll be next in 2020.
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    What is your IGN? - ezeiger92

    Who banned you? - imaxorz

    Why were you banned - " " was the message

    When were you banned? - dec 10, 2015

    How long is your ban?
    - Perma

    Can you explain what you know about the ban in more detail? - I was banned for saying grinders are a vanilla mechanic and that no matter what, mob drops will be cheap. I said this as courteously as possible.

    Why should you be unbanned?
    No rules were broken, no disrespect was shown, and because "giving up or banning" aren't the only options. You could easily refute the points.
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    I agree. Also ezeiger92 could you add my rank on the forums? It gives me my only sense of self worth
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    damnit... i return after all this time to a server reset... :)

    i think a server reset would be ok with me. but i really dont get a say...