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    Are you tired of coming online and being pestered by the same irritating player? Does their presence cause you discomfort or annoyance? Is someone getting under your skin for no particular reason and you want to generally inconvenience them? Then hire Hazbo's Hitman Services!

    With the latest update, PvP has been enabled throughout ShadeCrest, meaning it's open-season on your least favourite player! All you have to do is pop on over to /warp HHS (soon to be located in the town of Surat) and follow the in-game instructions or follow the instructions below on how to order a hit!

    • One hit per player.​
    • Admins cannot be targeted.​
    • Members of the EverGreen nation cannot be targeted.​
    • NO INVENTORY ITEMS are kept by Hazbo_56.​
    • The orderer of the hit will not be disclosed by the H.H.S.​
    • Heads of hit targets are kept by H.H.S.​
    Opt-Out Scheme
    Are you not wanting to be targeted by the H.H.S? Not wanting to get involved in general PvP? By paying the standard 'opt-out' fee of 15,000 Rupees, you will be stated as 'immune' from all future hit operations.

    If you are killed by a member of the H.H.S even after paying the fee, you will be compensated 75,000 Rupees.

    How to Opt-Out:
    1. Pay the 15,000 Rupees and send a mail to Hazbo_56 (both can be done while Hazbo_56 is offline), explaining that you would like to be opt-out and that the fee has been paid!

    2. Wait for confirmation in the form of a mail by Hazbo_56.

    3. For further clarification, check the 'Immune' wall at /warp HHS. If your name is not stated, contact Hazbo_56 as soon as possible!

    Check the types of ways a player can be killed, listed below:

    All Player's:
    • Potion - (+500 Rupees)​
    • Bow - (+750 Rupees)​
    • Sword - (No extra charge)​
    • Axe - (No extra charge)​
    • None (meaning you don't mind how the player is killed)​
    Only accepted if the player is NOT part of a town:
    • Fire (may result in loss of player's items) - (+1,500 Rupees)​
    • Explosion - (+1,500 Rupees)​
    2. Rename a piece of paper in the stated format:

    "(Your Username) | (Username of Hit) | (Type)"

    3. Pay the standard fee of 6,000 Rupees (plus any extra charges for the type of kill) to Hazbo_56, along with a /mail to Hazbo_56, explaining that a hit has been ordered and deposit has been paid.

    4. Wait for the hit to be carried out, you will be notified via a mail and the Collection Code will be stated, you will also be able to check the 'Recent Hit' wall at /warp HHS for if the person specified has been taken out.

    5. The loot from the player will be left for you at the 'Collection' area (located under the 'Recent Hit' wall), which you will need to insert a piece of paper with the exact Collection Code name specified in the confirmation of kill mail that you will have received prior.

    Simple Run-through

    Mietm names a piece of paper:

    "Mietm | DarthCinnabuns | Axe"

    Mietm understands that the kill type's Fire and Explosion are not applicable for DarthCinnabuns, as DarthCinnabuns is part of a town!

    2. Mietm pays the standard fee of 6,000 Rupees to Hazbo_56, then mails Hazbo, letting him know that a hit order has been made and the fee has been paid. (Both payment and mail can be done while Hazbo_56 is offline!)

    3. A few days later, Mietm receives a mail from Hazbo_56, stating:

    "Hit has been carried out on DarthCinnabuns using an Axe. Collection Code: #34pie"

    4. Mietm renames a piece of paper: #34pie and takes it to /warp HHS, to be inserted into the 'Recent Hit' collection area chest.

    5. The stall in the 'Collection' area is opened to reveal a chest with all of the hit's inventory contents in.​
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