How Did you Get Started with Minecraft/Shade Crest?

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    Walgreens pharmacy Hours I was just curious how everyone got started with the game, in several ways. I figured everyone could make a post answering a few basic things:
    How were you introduced to the game?
    What version did you start playing in, and what was different back then?
    Who was the first Minecraft YouTuber/Which was the first Minecraft series you watched (if any) and when did you start watching it? What do you watch today?
    When did you start playing on Shade Crest and how did you come to find it (feel free to include your Shade Crest stories, too, if you wish)?
    I'll start. I was introduced the game by one of my IRL friends that some of you might know, _Flagellum. The first time he showed me it, he showed me a roller coaster, and I was confused as to what exactly you did in the game. After searching up the game, I found a YouTuber named paulsoaresjr, and started watching his "How to Survive and Thrive" series. This got me really interested in the game, and I finally made myself buy it. At this point, if memory serves right, I believe the game was in beta 1.3.
    I played on single player for a good while, had some of my most fun days in minecraft on there, exploring the various aspects of the game, and seeing what I could create and discover next. After a while, I discovered SMP, and after searching through minestatus and playing on a few servers, I finally found Shade Crest. It had an awesome community, and was super duper cool. I set base near Snow haven, and after a few weeks I was invited to Arcadia by Jasperli.
    I tried to summarize everything as best as I could, but don't feel obligated to make big long paragraphs (and feel free to make even bigger and longer paragraphs). Either way, share your story, the adventure starts hereā„¢.
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