This Week in ShadeCrest - 2014/05/30

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    • Survival - More Progress on Spawn
    • Vanilla - People Jumping In!
    • LeagueOfLegends - New League Team
    • SpaceEngineers - ShadeCrest Dedicated Servers

    Survival - More Progress on Spawn
    Erik is back from his vacation and finishing fixing the last little bits of things that have not been working with the new quiz system for new people joining ShadeCrest survival.

    Vanilla - People Jumping In!
    ShadeCrest's official vanilla server has really taken off! We've gotten nearly 100 replies on our Minecraft Forums post in less than week, and the community is cooperating nicely. Lots has been done already, such as the building of farms and XP grinders, the activation of the end portal (and killing of the ender dragon), and more. Z_Millla has started a community project thread for people to pitch their ideas. Everyone is really getting into the spirit of a simple Vanilla playing experience. If this is the spice you've been looking for, jump in on the fun (assuming you haven't already)! All you need to do is apply on the Minecraft Forums post. Read everything carefully!

    LeagueOfLegends - New League Team
    The Shadecrest league team has started off! Overall we've just been playing some arams normals and the amazing new gamemode Mirror Mode! We play almost everyday so if you want to join post in the the league thread!

    SpaceEngineers - ShadeCrest Dedicated Server
    Yesterday's release of SpaceEngineers launched dedicated servers. So now instead of me just hosting a game 24/7 on my local machine, now I'm hosting a 64-bit service for hosting a pseudo official dedicated server for Space Engineers for ShadeCrest. Right now I have it setup so Dyno and I are flagged as server admins (with the ability to kick, etc), but since there isn't things like rollbacks, protection, or anything of that nature we are not completely opening it up to the public. Right now if you are part of the Steam group for ShadeCrest, then you will be able to see / join the community servers. If you aren't a member of our Steam group, just ask and we'll get you added.


    The purpose of the public server is to kinda advertise that ShadeCrest is hosting a dedicated server, get people interested in joining the community through that. If that takes off and a lot of people join, well... we'll see if / when that happens. As people join the community and can be seen as trustworthy they will be added to the private community. Maybe we'll have essentially a white listing process. Who knows?

    Obviously SpaceEngineers is still kind of a pseudo unofficial part of ShadeCrest. We have a good handful of people who are playing it, if people want this in the long term as sone of the games we officially branch out to beyond just Minecraft, I'd be happy to be one of the people to help support it going forward. It has been something I've talked briefly with Max about. So at this point like I said just hosting it and seeing people's interest levels. Once more admin tools are available, I will open it to more players to get people interested in our community.
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    This may not be the place for it, but ShadeTokens are still a bit buggy. Otherwise, excellent work!
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    That will all be fixed for the next events, I promise :) I'm in the process of making an actual plugin for all of the events, which should be much more reliable than CommandHelper.
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    Uh... What?

    Scripting languages are build for rapid prototyping and iteration, and can be modified while the application is running. In particular, MethodScript is a full language, and mixed with the API CommandHelper exposes, it is about as powerful as a native plugin.
    If something is behaving unreliably in CommandHelper, it was probably coded without proper error checking, or using a roundabout method that really should not work.

    I am concerned that making a plugin (for all the events? seriously?) will take much longer than you anticipate, which would be fine if it was a project to learn java and/or the Bukkit API, but there is now less than a week to finish it. Is that enough time for coding, debugging, play-testing, and possible balance tweaks?

    If you are having problems with CommandHelper not acting the way you want it to, feel free to pm me the code, what you are trying to do, and what issue is occurring. I'll be happy to fix any errors and explain what was going wrong.
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    I was typing that in a hurry last night. I didn't actually plan to code all of the events into a Bukkit plugin; the only ones I'm redoing are those that I've already done in CommandHelper (Auctions and ShadeTokens), and I'll add the Glass Cage plugin that Random's been working on if he finishes it. There's no reason to change scriptblock/VT-based events when they work just fine.

    I spent about an hour in the CommandHelper IRC reviewing my code with one of the developers and trying to figure out why commands that were working fine one minute would lose half of their functionality the next (the TP command, for example, would stop teleporting you at all, but still send a confirmation message). We came up with nothing. It's possible that in the big mess of DeathMatch commands I made, one of them was the cause of the problem, though they were all tested fairly extensively. I'm fine with sharing the code if you'd like to see it, but I plan on using a Bukkit plugin regardless for the learning experience.