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Discussion in 'Survival Server Issues' started by NMBr2d2, Jan 23, 2014.

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    every thread*
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    Then why don't we post spam and get our like count up :p

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    Quiet when did you become a girl?
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    Its not a girl its a sea that apperantly is never stormy

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    In regards to Awasted's ban. You do realise you're now complaining that he was treating like a normal player, and given the same punishment?

    The other part to this message is (and has been stated before), if Can was vindictive in regards to his server being down, then his first target would've been our server. From our point of view at the time, the people who went over put the server at risk again. The fact I have to use the word again for people going to other servers indicates why we had to use a more drastic punishment; although granted it does seem like a somewhat severe one.
  10. TheTechGeek245

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    Awasted now feels like he wasted his life

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    Ok, I'm getting this thread back on track (and i'm gonna say that the last page and a half really should be deleted because it's seriously taking away from what we as a server are trying to accomplish). I'm looking at all these posts and it seems as if there's going to be some imminent demise of shadecrest in the near future. As much as I love the players who have been banned (because yes, I'm going to acknowledge that this is what this thread is completely about) nothing has really changed for majority of the players on SC, or to SC as a whole. The demographic of the players on here ranges from those who are extremely vocal and active in the community to those who maybe come onto the server once, and the fact is that whatever changes may be coming need to be wary of everyone and their best interests. It seems as if every big change on this server leaves behind some large demographic of people (the switch to uhc and the first map reset) or the way mining worlds are constructed now to give guests almost no chance of experiencing the SC community.

    I know that this is probably going to sound dickish. But really these bans are going to mean nothing in context of how this server will run, which is seemingly for an indefinite amount of time based on server trends at this moment. Yes, it sucks that such prominent members got banned. And yes, this could be the direction that shadecrest is heading (and just saying that it has gone this direction before with nrayf). But generally speaking things will go on and work themselves out even if you as an individual aren't apart of it.

    And that's life for ya. In a small context anyways.

    Tldr: The server's fucking fantastic.
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    It really does effect the server the events are seriously hurt we have less staff to fill modrequests and less members that actually care about the community so if u don't care about the recent bans you dont know what it feels like to be banned and yes u were dickish

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    Periods. Commas. USE THEM PLEASE.

    We've overcome worse. ExtraHardMode effectively remove half of our entire playerbase, and prevented people from joining as well.
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    This could be a prob dont ya think? ;)
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    I also just checked the staff list for people who still remain. You people do realise that even with people leaving, there's still around a dozen staff members left for survival?

    I'm not saying that people leaving is not a bad thing, I feel the same way about some of them. But a lot of you are treating this as the end of ShadeCrest.
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  20. DastardlyWhale

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    Your words cut deep, deeper than any sword that I've struck in a noob. I'm still leaving. But, before i go i must say my final words to the people I've associated with.

    • waterpower1 - sorry for banning you in the past for giving people answers to the signs. I knew you would make a great mod with everything you have done, along with the treasure hunts.
    • sharqman - We used to fight each other in pvp before fighting together against everything that opposed the Earth Kingdom. Salute.
    • SkittlesQueen - Keeping you company when we were both in crucible was a hassle, but i enjoyed our time together, even though you cartoonized your house.....and everything you touched.
    • smallfryz - You were so shy when you finally signed on to teamspeak for the first time, I enjoyed playing together, and i still hope for your visit in the future. :) xoxoxo
    • Z_Millla - You and I go back in the 2011 when I wrecked face in pvp, I always thought i would never end up like golui or any of the soldiers of Flex that didn't make it this far. I appreciate everything you have done for me. Salute to Flex.
    • Archenemy666 - I told you everything you need to know with the ladies, even though we had our differences I had a blast playing with you and always hiding in your house's basement. Your house compound looks the best.
    • A360P - British man! Alex the dirty meat eating builder. Cheers mate, to my final cup of tea. ;)
    • cerburus - you are a bad influence, but you know how to draw the line between ts and ingame. :D
    • ezeiger92 - Sorry you had to see me like this man.
    • DeeeezNutz - Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeznutz
    • DarkNoodle - Repping DragonForge since 2011.
    • Wkdclwncar - I looked up to you when I was just a member, I still do.
    • pyro5050 - You are my role model.
    • Dynodamon - Fix your damn internet, before I fix your kneecaps with my sledgehammer. huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue
    • cncwarlord - Tiny Feet! You taught me everything i needed to know about computers and software, even if you're reading this months or maybe even years from now, i still want to say thank you for everything.
    • ndvenckus1 - You are one tough muther to fight, keep up the good work and bash some skull for me in kitpvp
    • ZPWR22 - We fought along side eachother when the odds were against us, but we pulled through and claimed victory over DrayF
    • Alan321 - When i first joined, I never imagined myself fighting anybody, until i made the mistake and went into the pvp world instead of peaceful. I started from the bottom, and made my way to the top with your help. I thank you for that.
    • mrtreefingers - You are an excellent builder, along side with cherle the fatass. You were also pretty damn good at pvp when i had the guts to raid arcadia at the time. Keep them builds lookin' good
    • Cherle - Please don't eat me
    • Yardweasel09 - When i stumbled onto your spawn when i joined, it was quite the experience, even when you decided to cover it in snow for the holidays.
    • bobbylou4 - I somewhat had a grudge towards you in the beginning of joining the server, but you were just trying to help other people. Which also included devoting your hard earned resources to them, giving them a place to stay. You sure as hell were more of an admin than i've ever been. berbeylow5
    • Padaun - I don't hate you, but you would do things that make me look at you funny. Persistently asking for admin isn't going to get you admin. It also doesn't mean i enjoyed my time playing with you outside of the server with l4d2, gmod, and borderlands 2. slag sniper + CC + bee shield
    • Random0ne - Still the best punching bag in the world, but you sure as hell know a lot more about plugins and coding.
    • madmanjr97 - If you are out there and decided to stumble onto this thread. This little "t" represents my hand and finger.
    • sioutdoors - oooooooooooooooold man, bag me a rabbit will ya.
    • @Slappeywhite - You were right.
    • Pieman_Is_God - We had a lot of good times together on the creative server, I still want my free mcdonalds. Don't tell the others though.
    • TheOnlyGurra - We can still have a sleepover, and we'll exchange bras and talk about boys.
    • TheKillorX - If you're still out there, I didn't forget about flaming you in chat on creative. Take care.
    • TegAshLar - Emoticonless lady! D: D: D: D: D: how u lik me now?
    • TehRawB - Don't worry, we'll have our own bar fight soon.
    • NMBr2d2 - anniliation, DF house that was on fire that had a huge channel of underground networks, wolive oil, purple.
    • Ralk75 - the only guy that has pearly white teeth like i do.
    • oiShocKWavesv - I still love your accent, even when you get mad in anniliation.
    • majestic_moose - Boomerang man! say hello to my cousins in brisbane and melbourne!
    • salmon_flavour - You and I already talked man to man, treat your lady friend well and never forget.
    • Flamestar00 - I'm only a flamestar eating whale, madam. Excel in history like i did.
    • silverflame01 - I still like you more than your sister, don't tell her though. shh shh
    • Rem - Sorry that you got caught in the crossfire.....along with your dog.....and that house that clearly doesn't belong to you.
    • North_Korean - Please don't introduce me to 4chan, I like my head and sanity. Take care in the navy.
    • Legend9468 - You could of talked me out of eating vegemite! D: Live on, build on mate.
    • Navarog - You are the best troll I've ever come to respect, real talk.
    • CrimeCat - Sorry to what happened to your build in the pixel art transition :/
    • ace5511 - Ace you woman lover! Sorry you had to see this.
    • Manglor - schlong beard. You saved pvp when it needed you the most, mad respect. Say hello to the kid for me, even though he probably doesnt know of my existence. ^_^
    • ThisDudeRiteHere - ThisTrollRiteHere
    • subwayis666 - We were mods along side each other, them people we banned and the weird laughter you would give off when you smoked a good bowl. Memories bro.
    • Jasperli - My favorite foreign man! Mail me macaroons. >:
    • aarondang and Hakalu - Your base used to get griefed the most back in 2012, glad i was there to ban all them.
    • PieSquared761 - I used to hate your guts, but I've come to a better understanding. Take care.
    • Nifix - You are one of the nicest persons i've ever meet, not because you're a brocorn or anything. i mean brony, i mean flamicorn.
    • treyman77 - hook me up with that cake dooooooooooooooooooooood
    • SpaceCadetKevin - I will poke you to death in hell. I gave you a diamond sword when we met thinking you were going to kick my ass if i didnt give you any loot.
    • Hizeron - Say hello to the kid for me!
    • @Katherineespair - Don't beat up anymore cosplaying black men, i heard that's illegal somewhere.
    • Liquidxstone - I look up to you, even after you have long vanished to wherever you have gone
    • @xgambitx - same with liquid
    • ThisHomeBoy24 - Lay off the coca cola, i still loved living in olympia.
    • Revoltingmadman - D:
    • King_Videot - hey hey hey purple guy, take care in my goodbye!
    • AnnodynS and family - You're an excellent builder, you listened when i needed you, you were always there. Bless you and your family. Thank you for the book and advice.
    • shadow95126 - Excellent builder, even when you aren't here with us today. Don't be depressed, always keep your head up no matter the circumstances.
    • Nicholas2438 - Sorry about your lawn, say hi to choccoo for me!
    • MelinaHites - Cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnadian! Goodbye aye?
    • millz14 - Don't come into ts drunk, somebody will code amber you. damndude
    • Magetime - Leeeeeeeeeech, still a good fighter.
    • Slebert - eHome. French keyboard.
    • jay8 - Stop harassing arch with that coal!
    • CyberVic - Bye Victor! Don't get obsessed with them bees
    • @Darthwiener - dazsinister - I know what you mean by you know who.
    • kirederf60 - You will always have a grave near my spot. Don't break your legs!
    • ModernDragoness - ^3^ ~ <3
    • Gordon4reeman - Financial issues man, they get us all eventually.
    • @motion_k1lla - Save the emperor!
    • stlnaturals - :D
    • Abdullahj - Aperture will hire you one day when it develops
    • Mae - Bye breeee, stay classy
    • Leadforu - MY NAME IS NOT AWASTURD
    • CloverGreen_ - Leaf is gone, you don't have to worry about your horses dying anymore
    • Sophiiiiiiier - utters, moo.
    • 04blatca - Trying to be american might not be the best idea. lay off the mcdonalds and coke zero.
    • I_am_dropbear - Don't be that guy on ts, xD
    • Aeviis - Surfs up from dawn to dusk wherever you are. Your account might be hacked just fyi.
    • dureja_av - Successful marketeer
    • @_Flagellum - thanks for the CC!
    • Wicked_Walrus - <3
    • trukklob - bai truk. ./slap truk
    • Beocca - I am still real beocca
    • imaxorz - I still follow you on instagram, not really sure if that counts as a goodbye
    And many more, but that's all from the top of my head! Cya around ShadeCrest. It's been an honor.
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